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JavaScript Frameworks: So Many Options, Such Little Time

With so many different JavaScript frameworks, how do you know which one works best? Join us as we bring in various thought leaders building different types of applications as they discuss why they chose a certain JavaScript front end framework.


Olen Davis is Lead Developer at Tongal where he specializes in frontend web development and Angular in particular. Avid Björk afiçionado and author of the open-source “Angoolar” ostensibly object-oriented Coffeescript wrapper framework for Angular as well as a highly modular “CSS Taxonomy” styling framework in SASS, he is a proud graduate of the Colorado School of Mines (not Mimes) and tireless bicycle-commuter to Santa Monica from the “gaytto” in Long Beach.

Ben McMaster is the co-founder of VImify, an app for social health and fitness challenges. Ben is in charge of client side development in Coffeescript using Backbone.js. Ben comes from the world of Flash/AS3 animation with a background in digital advertising. He led projects for Nike, Disney, Southpark Studios, Fox, Honda, and more. Ben became passionate about nutrition and fitness, dropped 50 pounds, and now wants to share his transformation with the world.

Ishmael Philip is CTO and co-founder of CTRL LA, a mobile development studio based out of Venice, CA. As a full-stack engineer, Ishmael leads the architectural planning and development with a focus on server-side development. Find out what him and his team are upto at @ishthedestroyer and @CTRLLA (Twitter) and @ishmaelthedestroyer and @CTRLLA (GitHub)

Steven Sacks is the founder of He is also an award-winning front-end development guru, world-touring deep house DJ, cyclist, and student of the Japanese language.

Steven is the author of the Gaia Framework for Adobe Flash, a revolutionary open-source framework that dramatically reduced development time when building Flash websites. Upon its release in June 2007, Gaia quickly became the most popular front-end Flash framework in the industry and was adopted worldwide by top digital agencies including Avenue A / Razorfish London, Tequila/Chiat-Day, and Wieden + Kennedy. Gaia was universally praised by the industry’s top experts and for years was the top ranked Google search for “flash framework” both in the United States and abroad.


Chad Wyszynski is a senior engineer at Maker Studios, where he builds webapps for YouTube creators using Node and Knockout. He digs streams and functional programming. On any given weekend, he’s either reading a novel, studying martial arts, or planning his next adventure with his wife and self-important cat

Thursday, June 25, 2015
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