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Scripts/Writers for RPM Talent Agency Representation

RPM Talent Agency’s Literary Department is seeking talented screenwriters with well-written film scripts. Seeking WGA and non-WGA writers. Follow directions below.

1) Non-WGA writers. Intelligent, likable, creative and business savvy screenwriters who have commercially viable or independent feature screenplays that are extremely well-written. Ideally, writers should be mid-level and have written at least three feature scripts.

Material should be rated G, PG, or PG-13 only. No R material. All genres okay except: No period pieces, No horror, No sci-fi.

Please do not follow-up and only submit what we have requested (i.e. no submissions for pitches, television material or random questions, etc.) If we are interested in reading your screenplay, you will be contacted within 4 weeks with a request to submit the actual script. Multiple submissions okay (maximum of two). All scripts must be registered with WGAw or Library of Congress.

2) WGA writers seeking literary representation who are currently working on a television show or currently working on a feature film assignment (WGA contract) with a studio/network. Submit your bio. Include writing resume in Summary field. As title of screenplay list as “WGA Writer-Your Name”. Leave other screenplay fields blank.

You'll be contacted within four weeks if interested.

Your Full Name (First and last name please)

Your Company

Screenplay Title


Your Email Address

Your Phone #



2-page Summary:

Character Breakdown:

Similar movie tagline (e.g., Office Space meets Legally Blonde):


Disclaimer: As always when submitting material, you are responsible to take whatever precautions you consider necessary, such as the U.S. Copyright Office or WGA registration of your screenplay. If in doubt, consult with an entertainment attorney before submitting anything to anyone.

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Created Mar 7, 2009. Updated Mary 7, 2009